The Admark360 Spotlight on The Focus Group

  • Apr 2, 2018


Last week on the Focus Group Radio program Admark360 put the Spotlight on two amazing companies. 


First was Re-Nuble founded by Tinia Pina. Tania is making her vision a reality, she is creating closed loop agriculture system in which food waste does not exist, chemical additives have no place in our food, and farmers and growers feed their local communities, not landfills. Her website is for more information.


The second business under the Spotlight waScale-up Ally, a company created by Roland Siebelink. His company helps tech start-ups all around the world stay on track by offering his knowledge as a consultant and tools he created to support a start-up as it grows into a bigger entity. His website at has several free tools for everyone to download and use.

Roland also has a new book available April 4th, called "Scaling Silicon Valley Style—Growing Big but not Corporate" available for preorder $9.99 now, $17.99 when published.


Watch both company Spotlights using the following link: